Digitale Prozesse & Innovationen steigern Effizienz

Indem Sie Prozesse digitalisieren, neue und innovative Ansätze umsetzen, werden Sie effizienter - und damit ebenso effektiver.

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Logic reasons why you should digitalize your processes. And first, why you should go through some process innovations.

Logische Gründe für digitale Prozesse und Innovationen

Es gibt viele Gründe, weshalb Sie Ihre Prozesse digitalisieren sollten.

Save $250+ on included plugins

Innovative Prozesse und Tools erlauben heute, die Kommunikation, Planung und Abwicklung in Projekten wie im Tagesgeschäft höchst effizient zu gestalten.

Get $10 on premium hosting

Mit creative oder design thinking gestalten wir Ihre zukünftigen Abläufe. Dabei wird auf Automation gesetzt und Flaschenhälse oder Wartezeiten werden vermieden. Ebenso werden Fehlerquellen eliminiert.

Plugins support

Wenn Sie nun neue, innovative Ansätze erlauben, sind Sie Ihrer Konkurrenz voraus. Beispielsweise wenn Sie Ihren Kunden einen intelligenten Chatbot bieten – und Ihren Mitarbeitenden (z.B. zusammen mit einem eLearning Tool). Oder wenn Sie Tools mit API’s einsetzen, die Teil eines ganzen Software-Ökosystems sind. Ein Beispiel dafür wäre Salesforce.

Modern design

Das Vorgehen beim Erfassen Ihrer Anforderungen und beim Designen der neuen Prozesse erfolgt nach modernsten Methoden.

A lot of needed features/options

Dabei setzen wir einfache, klar verständliche Elemente ein. Von grafischen Darstellungen bis hin zu Videomaterial oder Spezifikatiionen.

Customer support

Customer support is our number one priority. So if you have any issues or/and questions – feel free to drop us a line.

Multi-language support

Seriously is fully compatible with WPML and several other multilingual WordPress plugins (like qtranslate X and polylang). In addition, the theme contains a .pot file that you can use to translate it.

Constant updates

Seriously is our foundation for building all our new WordPress. Therefore, it will be constantly updated during the next several years.

More than 1,500 people trust us

Open Marco is almost an Elite author. There are more than 1,500 people who’ve chosen our products. So 1,500 people can’t be wrong.

More than that

Everything we do is different.

Our products are different

There are thousands of premium WordPress themes and plugins being sold on Envato. Most of them look the same. But building the same looking products doesn’t drive innovation. Therefore, we decided to create something different.

Our product decisions are based on analysis

Before our developers wrote a single line of code, we had analyzed more than 500 websites of modern companies. In addition, we used the Colors Creative buyers’ feedback to decide what we should build first.

Any detail matters

We believe small things matter. Each microinteraction gives your customers the feeling of your product and your company’s brand itself. Therefore, we paid attention to many small things while developing the theme and its demo.

Every customer becomes our friend

We believe a product’s purchase is the first step to long a relationship. It proceeds with customer support and later with communication that doesn’t relate to the product at all.

We really save your time

Our goal is to save you time. Therefore, we spend a lot of time creating such demos that look like real websites.

Our attitude

We are a group of thinkers building amazing customer experiences with WordPress. Several years ago we made this stuff our passion, and we hope you’ll love our products as much as we do.

There are no reasons not to buy the theme. Seriously